Friday, May 8, 2015

Class Scribe


  • Do Now
  • Feedback
  • revise
  • Felipe Dias carefully drawing on his storyboard
  • Storyboard  
  • storyboard
    We discussed that on a  frame we would need 1/3 of the space free and the rest occupied by the person. 
    front side of Do Now

    Then we went over our storyboard and revised it. 
    We got a sheet for the storyboard 
    we opened our computer and shared our storyboard.
    we did a drawing of our storyboard. We are going to start our video of the storyboard and that will take up two classes. We talked with a friend in class about what symbolism they chose.  Also what we learned about what the partner said about your screenplay. We shared out about what our partners suggested for use.
    Then after we went to work and revise on the storyboard. We spent the rest of class working on our storyboard

    Don't forget storyboard is due Monday!!

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