Friday, September 29, 2017

Basic Steps for Throwing on the Wheel

1. Wedge clay well, form into a round ball.
2. Throw the clay onto center of a bat on the wheel. Seal base, pat into cone.
3. Center clay: Brace arms on legs, have wheel speed medium-fast.
Place hands around base of clay, slowly squeeze clay to center and cone up.
4. Push clay down: With the heel of your left hand, push the left side of clay and with side of your right hand press down on the top of it.
5. Open up clay: Slow wheel, place thumbs together, push down into middle
of clay. Leave 1⁄2” clay at bottom - measure with needle tool.
6. Create floor: Start in center, pull fingers of right hand outward. For cylinder, keep floor flat. For bowl, let fingers curve up wall to establish curve.
7. Pull walls: Slow wheel. Left hand inside, right hand outside (3 o’clock). Right hand pushes at base to move clay up & rises just above left. Gently squeeze and let hands travel up with clay. Keep clay in a cone shape.
8. Shape: To shape in: outside fingers above inside, press slowly in and up. To shape out: inside fingers above outside, press slowly out and up.
Use a rib to refine and smooth curves, also to remove water from surface.
9. Finish: Trim rim to level. Trim excess clay at base. For bowls leave clay at base to support walls. Pull string under base.

Always remember to keep elbows as close to torso as possible

The steps I had the most trouble with was always keeping my elbows near my body and pulling the walls out, then shaping them so that the clay is evenly distributed.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Set Design Research

Alan Bower: This set is in a immerse theater and it represents an old shoe makers house, were there is a man which is making a shoe for his customer and getting a hand from his wife which is in the right side of the set.

Citation of the Image: 2002

Andrew Hammer: This set is in a four wall theater and the set is a elegant church where there is a women and man that got married.

Citation of the Image:

This set is in a Stage Intimary Thrust and the set is a band room where there is a band practicing and there are dancers of the band which are dancing.

Citation of the Image:

This set is in Stage Intimary Thrust theater where there is a play set being prepared for a play.

Citation of the Image:

This is a Stage Intimary Thrust theater and it is getting ready to show a play to the audience.

Citation of the Image:

This is a sketch design of a Proscenium-traditional theater set which maybe is being prepared for a show.

Citation of the Image:

Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Spain Paragraph Reflection #1

One of the most significant reasons that motivated the Spanish to conquer and colonize the Americas is to spread and teach their beliefs regarding christianity. In Christopher Columbus' journal that he wrote in on his first voyage, he says that the indians should be converted to christianity and learn about god. Also, during the large spread of Islam by the muslims, the spanish started the Crusades and the reconquista in order to stop the muslims and re conquer the Holy Lands. The Spanish also did not let the Native Americans practice previous cultural traditions so that they could be converted to Christianity and focus on that only.

1.) I think that something that I did well in this paragraph, was that I wrote a clear claim that is easy to understand and shows exactly what I will talk about in the rest of the paragraph. Also, I think that all 3 pieces of evidence that I chose supports and is relevant to my claim.

2.) Something that I think I can improve is to try and be more straight to the point, and try to eliminate some fluff that is not necessary in the paragraph. Also, I could improve the amount of detail that goes in to my evidence, so that I am not only stating events that occurred, but specific factors from those events that support my claim better.

3.) I think that overall, I would give myself a 4 or 5 for my paragraph. I think that I sufficiently met the criteria by stating what motivated the spanish to conquer, and then my three pieces of evidence.

4.) I think that giving feedback to other people's paragraphs and analyzing what they did well and what they can improve will really help me improve my own writing. By looking at other people's mistakes, I can see those same mistakes in my own paragraph.

Reflection 1

The Spanish for religious superiority. The Crusades that started in 622 were an act of violence from Christianity (which a majority of Spain was) towards Muslim for the Holy Land--the control of land for a single religion. The Crusades were than followed by Reconquista another large scale act of violence from Christianity to the Muslims. Religious intolerance was now common between Christianity and other major (and minor) religions, claim land for your God to prove they're the best.

1. What I did well on:
     - I used (true) fact
     - It is only kinda flowery
     - It is connected

2. What I failed at:
    - I was flowery
    - It still kinda confusing

3. What grade do I think I deserve:
    *Drum roll* 4-

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Class Scribe - Isabella Heroux

Block 1
  • Agenda
    • Do Now
    • Working On Social Action Presentation
    • Be Awesome
  • Do Now
    • For the Do Now Miss Vallio sent us a link in an email to a website that teaches us how to make a good presentation (and to be awesome).
  • Social Action Presentation
    • We worked on the Social Action Project Presentation.

Caution: People at Work
Leilani is working hard

Monday, June 1, 2015

Class Scribe

-Think Of Ideas
-Think Of How You Could Do It

       First we worked on our research for the project. In this we researched what we wanted to learn about. Some people choose woman's rights, child labor or even poverty. For information some people went back to the videos we watched yesterday and others went to websites. With the research on our project you would then put it in your presentation. If you had trouble doing this you could ask Ms. V. Also, if you found a good cite you can put it on the document with the links, so others can use it.
Everyones name and what they are doing.
      While we were working on this we took a brake and everyone wrote what they were doing on the board. Once everyone finished writing their names, we went back to working. Once you thought you had enough information you had to figure out how to solve the problem you choose.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Matt Ro 05/27/2015

Today we got started with our Do Now witch was a Rubric that will be assessing us in our five paragraph essay (it will be due next Monday by the way) . then we talked a little about our Expectations and our Ideas, some Expectations we have are to use Proper Vocabulary and have clear, understandable writing and to remember to compare and contrast and be well organized. We should also remember that ideas build on each other and include theme and symbolism. some of our ideas about the movie were:

Why there were those big animal creatures?

Were were the lights hanging? 

How doesn't it rain? 

What about the mayor dying? 

What was that green house tunnel?

Was there inconsistent knowledge?  

There was movable light in the movie? 

After a reflection on those questions we started working on our five paragraph essay.
Have a good day guys!