Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Class scribe

Class scribe : Rachel H
Date : 6/5/2015

Leilani and Guilia discussing deeply
Today we started out by doing the Do now and the do now was to think about the difference between a novel and a screenplay. I heard people saying that the novel talks about what the characters will talk about however a screenplay you will just see the actions directly. Also in a novel u can't see what the character is doing but you can imagine what the person is doing by the details that the book talks about.
Lupe: In a screenplay there is no paragraphs but in a novel there is.

 We also talked about the vocabulary:

  • Slug Line- This tells the reader of the script where and when the scene takes place. This is information to set the scene in the reader's mind.
  • Action - There are the essential details of the scene and sets the scene, describes the setting and allows you to introduce your characters and set the stage for your story. Describe what the viewer ses. Use the active voice not past tense.
  • Dialogue- This is used when anyone on screen speak like a conversation between characters, a character talks out loud or to himself, or when a character is off screen and only a voice is heard.
  • Parenthetical (Aka "wrylies") - an attitude, verbal direction or action direction for the actor who is speaking the part. A Parenthetical remark is not typically centered under the character name, They should be short to the point, descriptive and only used when absolutely necessary.

After the Do now we started to work on our script for our screenplay of a scene in the book "city of ember" 

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