Learning Targets

What are Learning Targets?
Learning Targets are like the GPS of our classroom.  They are our learning goals that we will be assessed on each quarter.  You can tell when you see a learning target because it begins with "I can ..."

What is a Big Learning Target (BLT)?
A Big Learning Target is a learning target we have to work on for a long time because it is challenging and complicated.  It is an accumulation of many smaller learning goals we have accomplished over the course of the quarter.

What is a Supporting Learning Target (SLT)?
A Supporting Learning Target is a learning target that we will work on for a few days or weeks, that will lead up to a Big Learning Target.  Think of the supporting Learning Targets as small steps and the Big Learning Targets as staircases.

Where can I find our Learning Targets?
Here is a link to the learning targets for Quarter 1.  However, you can also check your personal learning target tracker in your google docs humanities folder, our class learning target tracker, or the board for the daily targets we are working on.

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