Friday, May 8, 2015

Class Scribe May 8, 2015

Tarik, acting as class scribe.
Learning Targets:Close up, ECU,  Medium shot
-Do Now

Today we started out with the do now. It was about head room. Head room is the distance between the top of someone's head and the top of the frame. Head room is important to make your film or picture look good. There is too much head room, correct head room, and too little head room. Bad head room makes something called dead space. Too much or too little will make your subject end up with a cropped head, and it distracts your audience from what is really important.
We also found out what lead room is. Lead room is when there is too little space from where the action is coming from, and more where it is going to. That is good because viewers always want to see what is ahead. In a football game, it is very important to use lead room, because the viewer wants to see who will catch the football.

Then, we had to fill out a storyboard for the film we were going to make.

The film storyboard is due Monday.

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