Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Class Scribe: May 6th

May 6th, 2015
written by Cata, acting as class scribe
      Today we started off the class with a do now that consisted in reading some vocabulary words for scripts and identifying a part of a script. Then, we had to write down how screenplays are written differently than novels. I noticed that Layla, Takuma, Dominik, and Priscilla got started right away, so shout out to them. After we jotted down what we saw, we discussed with our partner and later on with the class. Some of the vocabulary words that were on the do now were,
Layla working on the do now
slugline; this tells the reader of the script where and when the scene takes place.
action; these are the essential details of the scene and sets the scene, describes the setting, and allows you to introduce your characters. ex: the room is filled with students in desks.
dialogue; this is used when anyone on screen speaks like a conversation between characters, a characters out loud or to himself, or when a character is off-screen and only a voice is heard.
parentheticals (aka "wrylies"); and attitude, verbal direction or action direction from the actor who is speaking the part.
       After the do now, we began working on our film scenes and making them into screenplays. I noticed that Matt stayed on task and was always working hard, so good job. Apart from that, good job Luisa and Sofia posing while I was taking Matt's picture, we have a Brazil's next top model! When were worked on the screenplays, you had to watch out to make sure that you followed the guide lines because some one else would have to follow your screenplay and act it out, so it's easier if everyone writes it the same.
      Finally, we closed our computers and it was time to go.

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