Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Class Scribe - Rachel Safdié

           Hello! Today we started with the Do Now. It was about the movies and books that we have already read and/or seen. We had to compare the difference about those two different things, and of course the similarities about them. Here is a video of the Do Now:

            After the Do Now, we started to talk and/or think about the theme/subject of the books and movies. Ms. V. asked a question. She wanted us to discuss in groups what are/is the theme(s) and/or subject(s)of a book or a movie. In this case we are talking about the book that we just finished to read. We are going to make a screenplay tomorow about/of the city of Ember, and that scene that we will do will have to have and object/theme, that is very or/and the most important thing or/and object of the book (The City of Ember).

         After that discussion there was a gallery walk.  The gallery walk was about finding the right them and/or subject for a book, story, movie, or even a scene, and we are going to make our best in our scenes so than we can make sure that the people know what our theme and/or subject was without telling them. Well, that's it for today!

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