Thursday, April 30, 2015

Class Scribe - Victor Vieira


-  Do Now
- Vocab Connections
- Share Out: Symbols + Film
- Brainstorm: Scenes for Film
- Adaption
- Reading Time
- Speed Date

We started with the Do Now like every other day. The Do Now was to write a sentence using each of the vocabulary words listed. The words were Impudence, Abundance, Dispersing, Catastrophe, Fretful, Refugee, Infinitely, Expanse, Relentless, Accomplice. You had to write a sentence using all these words. One of my favorite sentences was, There was a catastrophe when Victor's house set on fire and he died. By Marcos.
Ms. V was telling the class how to do the Vocab Connections
Then the class moved on to the Vocab connections the class sat in a circle outside then class then the word was chosen it was catastrophe.  Then one person moved in and put a word and said why the word connected to catastrophe. Then the cycle kept on going on until no one had any words.

Then the class moved on to Brainstorm: Scenes for Film, the class had to brainstorm about the movie scene they are going to re-create from City of Ember.  The ideas for scenes could be a theme or symbol. Then the class chose the scene that they thought had the theme or symbol. Then they find the page or pages and the chapter. Then they have to talk to their partner. Then Ms. V told us to create a google doc hen you have to put it in the shared folder with her. And their you write your ideas for themes and symbols. Then the class took out their books and started to read. 

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