Monday, May 11, 2015

Class Scribe 5/11/15 - Nic L.

• Do Now
• Feedback
• Revise
• Storyboard

     As always today we started out with the Do now. It was a about the Elements of film. Some of the elements are Creating the Mood, the light, the speed, the lighting, and the sound. All of those things create a film. The characters and dialogue have to go into creating a film to. Then we had to add those things to our film and to see how those elements made our film better. With your table partners you talked about what you said and listened to your partner, to see what they did that might be better.

    After the Do now we started talking about our films. How we should prepare for it, for example, what costume you will wear, if you need food, etc. We also found out who is in our film groups. Also, how our shirts (if you don't have a "costume") shouldn't stand out a lot. Then we got into our groups and told everyone about your scenes. One person had to make a google doc and write down the order of your filming, and assign characters to each person. 

   We left our groups and started finishing up any last minute thing, like your storyboard or printing out your scripts. Before that we read a text about The 5 Stages of Filming a Scene and talked about it with our partners. Then Ms. Valillo made up a scene to teach us how to make it easier and not use up a lot of time.

Homework: Finish your Storyboard

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