Monday, May 18, 2015

Class Scribe - 5/18/15 - Nic L.

• Do now
• Rubric Analysis
• Practice Mis-en-Scene
• Edit Your Film or Work on Presentation

Big Learning Target:
* I can explain my symbolic + thematic choices as a filmmaker.

    We started off with the Do now. The Do now was about our  filming last week. It asked you what some struggles you had filming or working with your group and what are somethings that worked out well. Then it asked you how you could improve on this task if you had to do it again. You had to talk to your partner about how you thought filming went for you and your group. Then Ms. Valillo cold called on some people and they shared out what they thought. Also what core value you thought you demonstrated during filming, and what core value you should work on.

      We moved on to looking at a rubric of our film. We read aloud with our partners how to get a 7 and a 6 and so on. And we also talked about how you will create and make your presentation represent your film and theme, and what you should include. Ms Valillo made us pick three important words out of the text. Some of them were choices, theme, etc. Again, we met up with a partner and shared your ideas.

    Now we started to edit our film or if you finished that you could started your presentation.

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