Monday, May 18, 2015

Class Scribe

Class Scribe
Written by: Thereza Protasio

Our Agenda:
• Do Now
• Rubric Analysis
• Practice Mis-en-Scene (if there is power)
• Edit your film or work on presentation

      The first thing we did was our Do Now. Our Do Now today was about our filming and how we thought we had worked and what core values best came together with our work.  We then shared our answers with a partner and then to the class.

*Film presentation (Thursday)
*City Of Ember Movie Review (Sometimes next week)
*Map testing next week

    We then started looking at a Presentation sheet and thinking what we thought was important in it. After 2 minutes we started sharing our thoughts with our partners.  We talked about important words in the sheet and what we had in good of our films. The we started looking at the rubric and thinking what we could have done in our films and finding key and important words.

                                Next we started working on our editing and and our presentation.

No Homework due tomorrow , but edit on film

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