Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday April 23, 2013

  • Do Now
  • Image vocab
  • Revisit Questions and Theme
  • Reading Time
  • Discussing and Debating
  • Speed Date
   Today, like almost every day, we started Humanities class out with our Do Now. Today, the Do Now was about finding the theme of a story. We were given some short stories (fables, if you will), and we had to, obviously, find the theme. We then talked about how we can take the skill of finding a theme in small stories, to finding the theme in books like the City of Ember. 
A lot of good work
   We then moved on to image vocab. This time, the words for the images were all chromatically mixed. We had words from City of Ember 2, 1, and a few from quizlets even in previous books. 
And if someone didn't get to connect a word to an image, no worries, because we were going to talk about them after. A shout out to Lupe and Lara, because the had about seven words for one image, that's hard to do. 

We then moved into our questions about City of Ember. We then talked about questions that we had already answered, and how they will affect what we now know.
Then, of course, we moved into reading time, we're we were either supposed to try to get to chapter ten, or we could push ourselves to get even further to the end of the book, if we had already passed chapter ten. 
We then turned and talked to our partners about fire (Speed Date). More specifically, why the people of Ember don't know a whole lot about fire. Why do you think the people of Ember know almost nothing about fire. Leave your answer in the comments below.
The homework is to read City of Ember until chapter 10.

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