Friday, April 24, 2015

Felipe Dias: Class Scribe, April 24, 2015

Class Scribe, April 24, 2015
Felipe Dias

Do Now
Lit Circle Quiz
Lit Circle prep
Lit Circle
Reading Time

               Today, as always, we started with the do now. The do now told us to go back and edit our vocab stories or create new ones. So, everybody took a good twenty minutes to edit or create their stories. After that, our partners shared their stories and you shared yours.
 Leilani's group was doing particularily well, and I loved how they shared their stories.

We then did the lit circle quiz and procceeeded to the lit circle prep. People were paired based on how much they prepared by writing in a double entry-journal. 
Lit circles then began! Groups began discussing what were great discussions. They discussed about all sorts of things. There was even a group discussing about the second book!
I liked how colin's group discussed because they shared the floor and used lots of textual evidence.

Enzo's group had some ups and downs, mostly because they didn't share the floor and when didn't had something to discuss about, stayed quiet. Enzo didn't participate that much and Guillia and
Rachel stole the floor. They got a lot off topic but sometimes discussed well.
After our discussions we reflected on our Lit Circle's and thout about a symbolic object reffered to the book.
That was how we ended our class. It was a very short one, but I feel like we progressed a lot.

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