Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Class Scribe: Isabela Smith

  • Do Now
  • Quiz Quiz Trade
  • Revist ?s
  • Reading Time
  • Speed Date

First we did the Do Now which was going on quizlet and working with the vocab words in the City of Ember 2. After that we did quiz quiz trade walking around the class. The high score was 41 by Cata in quiz quiz trade! After that we did Finish that Sentence on the back of the quiz quiz trade sheet. Then we shared out our sentences.
After that we discussed with our partners about the theme of the book City of Ember. We posted a blog post saying what the theme was and we shared with our our partners. After that we shared out in the class of what we thought the theme of the book City of Ember was. After that we had reading time.
The homework is finish chapters 5-10 of City of Ember by friday.

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