Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sebastian Williams - Class Scribe

   Today we started with reviewing our new quizlet sets numbers 3 and 4. Everybody stayed focused on working and trying to learn the words so we understand them in the book. The book we are reading is The City of Ember.

We then took note cards and made the words for quiz quiz trade. Everybody wrote down a word and it's definition. Next we started Quiz Quiz trade.
Colin and Jae playing Quiz Quiz trade.

Felipe Dias making his vocab card.
Despite the loud noise. Everybody was calm and studied their vocab well. Everybody did well with a good amount of words. But, the winner of the Quiz Quiz trade game was Rachel Safidie with an outstanding 36 words correct. Congrats to you Rachel.
We then wrote the end of a sentence based on the vocabulary word that was in it. Here were some funny sentences.
Felipe Dias - I was surprised by my brothers impudence when he disrupted the priest during the wedding.
Izzy - When I read about the catastrophe I was shocked because ice cream doesn't normally rain from the sky and flood houses
Colin - As we were about to get caught, I turned to my accomplice and said, throw a smoke bomb to distract the police.

Lucas, Thereza and Isaac working really hard.

I would like to thank Colin for letting me use his worksheet to write down his sentence so I could write it faster.

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