Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Class Scribe - Felipe V - 2015, Day C , 28 of April

  Agenda:                                                      Class Scribe
  • Do Now 
  • Vocab Images
  • Theme Work
  • Reading time: City of Ember of the other three books
  • Speed Date
a class of hard worker and good discussion
    Today like any other regular day we started of doing our do now, our do now for today was about our quizlet words. We had to draw a drawing that you think represents the word and then explain why you drew that drawing and explain how do you think it represents the words, the word were; Impudence, Abundance, Catastrophe and Fretful.
  After the do now we started of working of the Vocab images. The vocab images is when you pass down the makers and each table receive a set of pictures that each picture represents a word of you quzlet set and you have to lable the picture to what you think is most likely to match the vocabulary word. After every one had already finished labeling and matching the pictures to the words the class discussed  the meaning of each word and check you got the answer wrong or wright. The class saw witch matches were correct and the the class went learning from their mistakes.
 Then, Ms. Valilo handed out a reading to the class that was about dance. I did not get the chance to read it and I dont know much about it but if you are absent and interested on this reading when you come tomorrow or any other day that you come to school ask for it to Ms. Valilo.
 After that, we started of with the book reading. Who still hasn't finished the book city of ember had to read it and who has finished moved on to the other 4 books.  So now, shhhhh. Its reading time.

HW: finish City of Ember by MONDAY   DONT FORGET

By: Felipe V
Thank for the attention!

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