Friday, April 17, 2015

Humanities Class Scribe 17/04/2015


- Do Now
- Quiz
- Prep. for Lit. Circle
- Lit Circle
- Debrief
- Read Time

  As usual, we did our Do Now and our Do Now was to create a document called, 'Vocabulary Story City of Ember 1 - (Your First name Last name).' After creating the document we wrote a story using the words that we learned from quizlet.

  After writing our poem, we shared 1 section of our story with the partner sitting next to you. The section of the story at least needed 2 vocabulary words.

  Later on, our class took the quiz about the City of Ember Chapter 1 ~ 5. After taking the socrative quiz, we had time to prepare ourselves for the first literature circle of City of Ember using the discussion sheet. As usual we wrote down textual references or evidences and wrote down questions or thoughts for each one of them.

   Then we had our first literature circle of City of Ember. A group discussed at the couch, one discussed outside, and 2 groups discussed at a table.

  After having the discussion, we wrote 3 things at the back of the discussion sheet. The 3 things that were brought up in the discussion and if it was worth talking about it. It could be a question, prediction, etc. Then we discussed with our partners what the author of the book was trying to make us learn.

  The Exit Ticket for today was to write on our blog what theme do you think the City of Ember had. We had to use some Textual Evidence. See You Next Time!!



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