Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Class Scribe

Class Scribe
Written by: Thereza Protasio

Our Agenda:
Do now
Image Match
Quiz quiz trade
Revisits ?s
Reading Time
Speed Date

The first thing we did was our Do Now which today was about the dam they are wanting to create in the Xingu River  near Altamira, Brazil. After reading it and answering the questions on the back:

      Later on Ms.V asked us to discuss how this could relate to the book we are currently reading, The city of Ember.

    After  sharing our opinions and discussing we started practing our words and connected with pictures. There were some pictures in our desks and we had to know which one fits with what word in our vocab.
Here are some photos of our class working very well:

    After 5 minutes Ms.V showed us all the pictures and called on people to answer what they and their partner thought that word was.  I would like to share something from what Leilani said , when Ms.V was showing a maze photo everybody was saying labyrinth but Leilani said it could be flustered. She then explained that if somebody is new or doesn't know the daily routine she could get confused and doesn't know what to do.

   After this we went to quiz quiz trade! We started with one word and then we have to come to other people and quiz them our word if we get it right we trade. 

Then, Ms.Vallillo gaves us time to read The city of Ember. 

Homework: No homework for today!

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