Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Class scribe - April 22nd

Class scribe
Written by: Sofi Carvalho

- Do Now
- Quiz Quiz Trade
- Theme
- Re-visit questions
- Reading Time
- Speed dating

Do Now
Today we started with the Do Now. Todays Do Now was to learn the new vocabulary words on quizlet on City of Ember 2. Last week we learned the city of Ember 1 which involved the words from chapter 1-5. The words we had to learn today were:
- illegible
- frantic
- ignite
- painstakingly
- strewn
- jostle
- disorderly
- murmur
- extract
I saw many people focusing on spelling the words because today they were a little confusing.

Quiz Quiz Trade
Lucas, Colin, Sebastian working hard
After the Do Now, we started Quiz Quiz trade. It's when you have a card of one of the words from the City of Ember 2 set and you guess what other people words were. When you guess etch others, you give them your card and they give you their card. If you got it right, you draw a check or a smiley face on the word that is on the table, If you got it wrong, you draw a sad face. :) or :(
Many people were trying to trade words because the goal is to usually get the most words. When Ms V. started counting down form 10, everyone raced to their seats... Good Job! The winner was Rachel S with 47 words!
On the back page of the Quiz Quiz Trade was an activity that had a sentence that you had to re write with one of the set words. For example : I jostled a boy in the hallway because....... (and then you had to write the rest). The entire room was silent which helped everyone a lot with concentrating. After that awkward silence for me :D, everyone shared there sentences with there partners. Next, they shared it with the class

The homework this vacation was to post a post talking about what they thought "theme" was. I heard so many opinions on the different ideas of what it was that I could not list them down. Here is a link to my post.

Reading Time
Reading time is probably one of my favorite times in the humanities scheuule. As you read in the name, its "reading time". I like reading in class because I don't have many distractions. If I try talking to my friends, I get caught by the teacher....There also a lot of silence in this activity.

Speed Dating 
Today we had no time to do speed dating.....

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