Monday, April 13, 2015

Class Scribe of the Day Nina Stevens

April 10, 2015
  1. Do Now
  2. Great Poets
  3. Vocab Connections
  4. Spirit Read
  5. Celebrations
  6. Reading Time: City of Ember
     The first thing we did today was the Do Now. In the Do Now we had to fill a table of What Great Poets do, and then we needed to explain why. The purpose of this Do Now is for us to kind of reflect on what we did in the third quarter, and for us to remember what we can do in poems. After the Do Now we used the information to get at least 20 types of things that great poets do so we could win a scholar swag.  
Do Now
The Vocab Connection we did
     The second thing that we did today was Vocab Connection. We went outside and Ms. V started with one word then everybody would go connecting and explaining why they connected that word with the other word. The purpose of Vocal Connections are for us to really understand the words better and see if some words connect to each other. 
     The third thing we did today was Celebrations. In the celebrations we had to read 6-10 lines of one poem that we are really proud of. After reading poems Ms. V handed out our awards of the quarter. After the awards we had to say what we improved on this quarter. The purpose of celebrations are for us to reflect on the quarter and share and appreciate the ones who worked really hard this quarter.
     The last thing we did today was read a little bit of the book "The City of Ember".
Thereza, Julia J, Rachel H, Sofi, reading


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