Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Enzo's Class Scribe Blogpost of the 4th Quarter Tcham! Tcham! Tcham!

  • Do Now
  • Tableaux
  • Symbolism in City of Ember
  • Intro to Film Scene
  • Reading Time   
We first started with our Do Now that is making connection's to from the quote to the world then infer what lesson might be teaching the reader about the world. After the time was  up on working on our Do Now's we talked about what we did in them with person sitting next the to you. The one's who did not have a person sitting next to them moved in other desk's to talk to the person who were sitting on these desk's.

Then we went into Talbeoux that is making images for the vocab, but of course we first made the group's. Make and plan and make our images and then present them.  After Tableoux the we went to Symbolism in the City of Ember that is making a blogpost and compare the Symbolism of the city of Ember.  After the time was up on making the blogpost we started reading on the book of the City of Ember for the rest of the class. 


                       Here is Lupe working on here blogpost and things and concentrating a lot. 


Finish the blogpost on comparing Symbolism of the City of Ember if you didn't finish it in class. 

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