Thursday, April 9, 2015

Class scribe post April 6th, 2015

''Utopia, a place in which human society, natural conditions, etc., are so ideally perfect that there is complete contentment.''

Today we started off like usual with the Do-Now. Today the Do-Now was to go on quizlet and learn new words the book, The City Of Ember, that we are going to start reading this class.  
Doing this activity everyone was quiet and working hard to learn the new words. Next Ms. Vallilo gave us a heads up that if we have read the City Of Ember don't tell the ending. Ms. Vallilo called us to see if we knew what utopia was. We later watched a 5 minute clip and tried to see if it was utopia or dystopia.
We watched a clip of WALL-E and I think that it was an extreme dystopia. Because the world gets over polluted and trashed so it is not a happy place. It is a sad movie. Most of us agreed that it is a dystopia. Then we went to tables and commented about some papers that Ms. Vallilo put on our desks. The papers on our desks where quotes from the book. An interesting comment that I saw from Dominik was that in a dystopian society people even have more fear of bigger disaster. 
I saw many Interesting questions about the book that sparked discussion. Like why is this character doing this and I wonder what will happen to this character. We also put stars at the statements that we thought where worth remembering. Then for the rest of the class we started reading the city of ember. It was a very interesting book about a city called ember.
There is no homework today.

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