Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Class Scribe 4-28-15

  • Do-Now
  • Vocabulary Images
  • Theme Talk 
  • Reading Time
  • Here is Jae's picture for catastrophe.
       Today was like every other day, we started with the Do-Now. In the Do-Now we had to draw a picture for every vocabulary word we are learning. We had 20 minutes to work on this. Some people brought out their laptops so they could look at the words' meaning incase they forgot.

         Once we finished that we had to do the vocabulary images. This is where we had to match our 10 vocabulary words with 10 different pictures. We had 1 minute to do each picture. Since there were 10 pictures we had only 10 minutes to find out all the pictures. People did the same thing as to Do-Now they took out their laptops to look at words and definitions.

    Then we were given a passage we had to read. We each took turns reading a sentence. If you think you have found something that has to do with the theme, you would underline it in the text or write it down.

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