Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Class Scribe. Finding Theme. (Scribe Struggles to Find a Creative and Punny Title)

I was a bit surprised this morning to walk in on a classroom in which the arrangement of the desks is not what I expected. I could also tell I was not the only startled one when Andre walked into the room and murmured, "Wait... what?". Turns out that this was only a temporary setup for a meeting.

However this small shift resulted in nothing. The Do Now today consisted of 3 short stories, each of which we had to interpret the theme of. The first couple were multiple choice with morals lke, "United we stand, divided we fall" or, "It is easy to despise what you can't get". Together all our partners discussed what the answers they came up with. For the most part discussion seemed very deep. I overheard Ms. V's analogy of theme about Beyonce's "Single Ladies". When we shared our answer through a YMCA dance, it was pretty clear we had a good idea of what it was.
It's fun to stay at the...
As people finished up the Do Now Ms. V passed out a stack of papers paper clipped together. Each picture was a visual of our vocab words. In a "frantic" scramble and "strewn" pictures everywhere, emerged a mind map.

Following this, we worked on our pronunciation. We went over words like jostle, defiant, and painstakingly. We started transitioning into asking some questions at some points in the book. Nothing very deep, just clarifying questions. When reading time comes the room goes from a low buzz to one of those sound proof-asylum rooms. Where everyone is quiet and all you can hear is the ruffling of pages and the one annnoying kid who keeps typing on his computer and can't type any quieter which makes him ludicrously annoying. To give you an idea, here's a video. *Man, that kid is really really really annoying. 
This kind of atmosphere goes on for about twenty minutes.
We continued to "Speed-dating" in which we answered questions about the book. The first question was "Why did the people of Ember know so little about fire?" Balti's answer said, "Because they never encounter fire"

That's it 4 now. Bye

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