Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The last Litture Circle of the book Boy's Without Name's

  • Do Now
  • Lit Circle Quiz 9
  • Lit Circle 9 
  • Debrief
  • Drafting Time             
We started with our Do Now as usual. In our Do Now we had to skim back threw the book and answer the question's that are in the Do Now. 

Here is Leilani skimming back threw here book of Boy's Without Names to answer the question's in here Do Now.

Here is Luca's his hand so Ms.Vallilo can come and help him to solve his problem he is having in his Do Now. Also after the problem he is having is solved he can get on track on working in her Do Now. 

After the time was up on working in the Do Now our teacher told us to talk with our partner's about our Do Now's we were working when the time on working on it was not up. After the time was up on talking about our Do Now's we shared important information that we found when we were working in our Do Now's. 

After that we worked on our Lit Circle Quiz. After our teacher first told us something's before our last Lit Circle of the book Boy's Without Name's. After she told us for some of the student's to read some of the Discusion Norm's that were in the back of our homework. After that we went into our discusion group's. After our time was up we fild the question's that were in the back of our homework we did yesterday. 

Finally we spent time drafting our journalism article's about the Triangle Shirt Waste Factory and we worked drafting on the journalism article for the rest of the class.


Finish working on the Triangle Shirt Waste article.

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