Thursday, March 19, 2015

Drafting, Drafting, Drafting...


  • Do Now
  • Poem 4
  • Drafting time
Today was another normal day. We piked up and started the Do Now. In our Do Now we had go to our Humanities folder and open the document called "Triangle Fire poem". We had to skim through our pre-writing. It was the information that you found about your character last class. Link to see the list of victims. We had to think about what poetic techniques we had not tried to use yet that might fit with the tone of your poem. We had to jot down some ideas about what poetic techniques you would like to try to use. Then we had to check in with a partner.

After this we had time to improve our poem. When we thought that we were done with the poem. We could move to start drafting (Draft of the triangle shirtwaist fire). This took the rest of the class.

HW: No homework!!
That's all I have to say
                                                                             Tarik and Raj working on there poem

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