Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sebastian Williams - Class scribe - March 11, 2015

  • Do now
  • peer check in
  • mind mapping
  • revisit purpose and audience
  • outline
  • collet evidence
The first task we completed was our do now. We have been working on our mind maps for the significance of the triangle shirt waist factory. So we all sat down and quietly worked on our maps. After we worked on that, we got into groups of two and shared our ideas. That was our peer check in. Everybody did a great job. I really liked everyone's ideas. When we came back to our seats and shared our ideas that our partners.
Colin working on his mind map

Isaac and Jae sharing ideas
Next, we went to our triangle shirtwaist raft, but didn't write anything yet. We only wrote the outline for it. And on the back of our do now's we wrote these questions: (after that we  went over our answer with a partner and the whole class.
  1. What is the purpose of your raft
  2. who is your audience
  3. how will you organize your writing to show your purpose and communicate to your audience.
We then googled to see if we could find any forewords or journalism. Which are the two choices of writing in the raft. We then shared what we found to help us.
Thereza, Nina, Lucas N., Julia J., Sofi and Rachel
That's all. I am very proud of everyone for great focus and work. I would like to shout out to Colin and Lucas N. for helping me understand what was going on when I didn't understand.
Homework: Boys Without Names ch. 23 - 25

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