Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Felipe Dias Class Scribe
 March 10, 2015
Do Now
Reflect on Socratic seminar
Lit Circle quiz
Lit Circle #7
Elaborate on you ideas
Collect evidence

            Today, as always, we started off with the Do Now. It was quite different today because we had to listen to a the video of our Socratic Seminar and write what we saw, heard, and wondered. After that, we shared what we thought and wrote with our partners and then stopped. We then shared what we noticed with the class so everyone could know. After that we looked at our partners feedbackfor the socratic seminar and checked if we reached our discussion goal.
             Ms.V then gave us our grades for the seminar. We are now preparing to do our lit ciircle so we are doing the quiz. Just before starting our discussion, we listed the norms and tried to improve our discussion skills.
            Victoria's group was doing very well, but I thought that she and isaac took over the conversation and didn't let Enzo speak. Giullia was part of the group but she wasn't that responsible and didn't read what she had to read.
        In the opposite end, Thereza's group was doing extremely well and everyone was participating in the discussion. After that, we reflected on our discussions with our partners and got ready to elaborate our ideas.
       Next, we started working on our document that we created yesterday with ideas. We had to Generate, Sort, Connect, and Elaborate our ideas. We made a chart  with the class to practice and connected and elaborated ideas in front of everyone.

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