Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Class Scribe March, 11, 2015


  • Do Now
  • Peer Checkin
  • Mind Mapping
  • Revise, Prepare, Audience
  • Outline
  • Collect Evidence

As normally we started with the Do Now, we had to open to poplet or Padelt and access you Mind map of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. The steps were 
Generate: Come up with basic, general ideas  

Sort: Place the most important, big ideas by drawing lines between them and in about a sentence explain how they connect.

Elaborate: Expand upon and add to your ideas by writing subcategories
Then we shared ideas with our partners, You had to explain your mind map to your partner. You have to explain why and how do there ideas connect. After 5 minutes Ms. V told the class to stop and she asked the class about what they learned talking with their partners. Then the students had ten minutes to work on their Mind Map. Then Ms. V told us to go to our document on google drive called RAFTS: Triangle Shirtwaist  Factory Fire then you had to read the prompt and you answer three questions, while in the back of your head you have to keep in mind who is the audience. Then the class turned to their partners and talked about the three questions.

Then Ms. V asked the class about the three questions. The class talked about this for 10 minutes then we moved on to collecting evidence. Ms. V recommended to look at CNN and BBC News. The class had ten minutes to look at the websites collect evidence and share it to the class.

No homework today :)


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