Friday, March 20, 2015

Priscila Chang - Class Scribe - March 20, 2015

- Do Now
- Peer Share
- Guest Lecturer : Meter in poetry
- Nature vs. City Poem

Do Now: 
Today in the Do Now we opened up our Triangle Fire Poem and double-checked that you dragged it in you humanities folder. Next, you add comments to your poem that explain where and why you have made those choices and what you hoped to accomplish with those risks.

Peer Share : 
Now, you're going to choose a partner and read your poem to them and explain why did u choose that. Then, your partner will give you warm feedback and then cold feedback.

Guest Lecturer : ( Meter in Poetry ) 
We are going to choose a guest lecturer that means that someone who knows about the poetry tools that can explain it really well. But first, we are learning about the ways to write poems, we looked at the ways : Meter, Line Length, Capital. Lowercase Letters, and Juxtaposition. So, we looked at this poems. After, Dominik, he showed us a presentation about meter in poetry and we tried to write one on the table and then we shared it out.
City vc. Nature

Nature vc. City poem
Now you are going to write a poem of nature against the city. But first, you are going to divide put the word city in one side of the desk and nature in the other. When you start writing your poem you have to use juxtaposition and two more of the other ones.

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