Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lara F. As Class Scribe

*Lara Acting as Class Scribe*


Do Now
Peer Share
Meter in Poetry
Nature vs. City Poem

     Today we started by doing he do now which was to go back to our poem about the fire and comment on at least 5 places we made choices or took risks. Then we chose a partner that we had never worked with before and gave and received feedback about the choices we made and risks we took. After that, we took a sheet a the end of the row, they were 2 short poems and we had to talk about them with our partners and wrote down things we noticed about the poem. Then, we saw a video a student brought up that had to do meter and we had to recognize when they talked with a different tone. We learned that meter is the amount of stress you put on a word, how strong or calm you say it. After that, we tried using meter by writing a random sentence on our desk. Then, we cleared out our desks and wrote things we could touch, see feel, hear and taste in a city and in nature and left the words on our desks so people could be inspired when writing our poems about Nature vs. City. We had to try to use meter, line length, capital/lowercase letters in our poem but we only had about 10 minutes, so our poems weren't that deep. That was all we did and we have no homework!

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