Friday, March 20, 2015

Layla Kennington - Class Scribe - March 18th 2015

-Do Now
-Poem 4

Do Now: 
Today in the Do Now we had to answer questions about  the techniques we use in our poems. 

Poem 4:
Afterwards, Ms. Vallillo showed us a picture of the remains of the Triangle Factory fire. With a partner, we had to write down what we saw and the possible perspectives of people who were related to the picture. Then we combined the ideas we had with our partners with that of the rest of the class. 

Once we had ideas of perspectives, we had research about a character connected to the fire in order to write a poem about it later. 

After we had researched a little, Ms. Vallillo had us quick write in order to get some ideas for our poem.

No Homework

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