Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Class Scribe

Class Scribe
Monday, March 9 2015


  1. Do Now
  2.  Thinking routine for brainstorm
  3. Workshop:
    - Return to prompt
    - Collect evidence
    - Partner check-in
  4. Debrief: identify holes in evidence

  Today as usual we started of with the Do Now during the do now we had to open up quizlet and create a new google doc. Title the doc Industrialization Vocabulary Story - First name Last name and drag it to your humanities folder. Then, begin writing a story of any kind that uses at least 10  of the vocabulary words we have been learning this quarter. It would help if your story was about someone living during the Industrial Revolution.

  After the do now you and your partner are supposed to cite ideas of the significance (Importance) of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire and then jot it down on the desk with a marker.  After  we had to have a discussion about what we wrote down and about what you think about the triangle shirtwaist factory fire. After that Ms.V asked us what we wrote down for the significance of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire and we ended up with a deep conversation.  Everyone was talking at least a bit and giving textual evidence. 

  Later, we started exploring a new type of source like poplet but it is padlet. In padlet Ms. V told us to basically jot down important ideas about the triangle shirtwaist factory. You would jot down in the middle the deadliest, most important information. The so-so information you would jot it any other place arould the middle.

HW: finish the Double Entry journal

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