Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Class Scribe

Do now
lit circle quiz #6
intro to socratic seminar (Summative)
Mini-workshop:preparing for discussion.
prep for discussion
practice socratic seminar

5.0 I can participate in high quality, text based discussions with diverse partners

1.0 I can evaluate the extent to which industrialization benefits societies by analyzing evidence from varieties of sources.
First we did the do now that was about going on this website and put some notes down then we used clarifying and deep discussion questions. Then we looked at the socratic rubric. We wrote what thinking you should do in discussion and what strategies we should use. Now we will practice a discussion and then do one. The discussion was very well done.
Isaac and Felipe talking about 8 hours for work, rest and for what we will.

this reading is to practice for discussion.
We looked at clarifying and deep discussion questions.
5.1 I can ask critical and deep questions that spark discussion. 

This is the rubric


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