Monday, March 2, 2015

Class Scribe

Quiz Quiz Trade
Do Now

Quiz Quiz Trade
Workshop: Discussion Questions (Model, Practice, Independent)
Share+Evaluate Questions
Intro to Socrative Seminar

Big Learning Targets 5.0, 1.0 (5.1)
Victoria and Nina discussing.

     First of all, we did the Do Now which was about good questions and their characteristics. Then, we folded our do now and, on the back, we made a chart and wrote Clarifying and Deep+Critical to review the Do Now. Shortly after, we flipped it again and drew a sad and a smily face so we could count our points for quiz quiz trade. We did words like labor unions, rural, economic system and other words that are on quizlet and counted how many we got correct. After that, we passed a sheet down about different levels of questioning and reviewed it with the class. Then, we got markers and wrote on our desks deep and clarifying questions about a picture we got and discussed our questions. The picture looked like this:
     We think the picture is about an act against cigars and how they are made in dirty factories. After that, we got a paper about the owners of the triangle factories and wrote as many questions as possible.  The homework is to complete the double entry journal and read chapters 15-18.

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