Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Class Scribe


  • Do Now
  • Lit Circle quiz #6
  • Intro to class scribe Seminar
  • Workshop: Prepping for discussion 
  • Prepping for discussion
  • Roles + Norms  
  • Debrief

            In the do now we had to decide from the questions that we did yesterday in class and chose the two that would make the deepest conversations and why. Then we had to go to this website: Guide to Discussion Skills | UNSW Current Students and read what it said and then we has to answer some question below. Then we did the lit circle quiz #6, but we did not do the Lit circle discussion. 

        Then we did the Socratic Seminar Rubric which had a rubric and checklist of what to before, during, and after the discussion and then it had the purpose of the Socratic Seminar. Then we looked at 2 pictures, which we discussed what we thought it meant as a class. After that we read an Article called Union Narrative.                                  
   Then a group went to the front of the class and discussed of the article that we read (Union Narrative) the first 2 rows got a Notes and Feedback sheet and the last row got a Codes sheet where if someone did something right you would write on the sheet what the did.

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