Monday, March 2, 2015

Class Scribe

Class Scribe by Luísa Pereira 
Date: 03/02/2015

Do now
Quiz Quiz Trade
Workshop: Discussion Questions
Do Now
  • model
  • practice
  • independent
Share and evaluative questions
Intro to socratic seminar 

Big learning targets:
5.0 I can participate in high quality, text based discussions with diverse partners. 

1.0 I can evaluate the extent to which industrialisation benefits societies by analysing evidence from a variety of sources.  

Guiding question:
How does industrialisation benefit and harm society? 

    As always, we started with the Do Now. Today’s Do Now was about deeper and critical questions and clarifying questions. 
    Next we moved on the quiz quiz trade which is when people get a word and quiz each other and trade, but if the person gets the definition wrong they put a tally mark on the wrong section of the paper. 
    After that we are moving into discussion questions and we met with a partner to identify what is a good sentence starter, if you don’t know how to. 
    Finally, we are asking clarifying, critical and deep question about a picture. We are reading a text about the Triangle factory fire and asking clarifying and critical/ deep questions about the text. 

Boys without names Ch. 15-18 and double entry journal. Due tomorrow. 

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