Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

> Do Now
> Thinking Routine for Brainstorm
>  Workshop:
- Return to prompt
- Collect evidence
- Partner check in
> Debrief: identify holes in evidence

Big Learning Targets:
1.0- I can evaluate the extent to which industrialization benefits societies  by analyzing evidence from a variety of sources.

Supporting Learning Targets:
2.1: I can use textual evidence to support my ideas.

Homework Status:
Due today: Nothing
Homework due tomorrow: Boys without Names - read chapters 19-21 and fill out the 'Double Entry Journal'.

     Today we started class of as usual- with our Do Now. Today the Do Now consisted of instructions to create a story using at least ten vocab words we have been learning this quarter. It doesn't/didn't have to be about a person living in the Industrial Revolution, but you could (and it might help to do it like that if you had/have really bad writers block).  Thank you google! The story was on a google doc, using the title sequencing usually used (blabla - first name, last name).
Working hard brainstorming
     Then we moved on to Thinking Routine for Brainstorming. The topic that was put up for us was 'The significance of the Triangle Factory Fire' (Yes, the socratic seminar topic), and we had to give deep answers to this statement-question-thing. Then, of course, the sharing out. There were a lot of deep conversations that took place before hand, and a lot of deep answers. Although all that is true, some of the answers were similar to ones in the socratic seminar (and all those answers were awesome, so those of you who bravely gave their answers, don't be offended). But if you have an answer to this question (What is the significance of the Triangle Factory Fire?) that you don't think has been mentioned in the seminars, and you are positive that it is AMAZING , leave it in the comments. We used these answers to create a popplet and a google doc classifying and discussing these questions, if you're wondering why we even bothered answering the questions after the summative.  After all this hard work on the popplet, we shared as a class, and then started back again at the popplet (or, this time, any other brainstorming way that was/is easiest.

Sadly, due to the sheer awesomeness of todays class (that quality made us take longer time to discuss things) we weren't able to get to the debrief :( .

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