Thursday, March 12, 2015

Class Scribe: March 12th

written by Cata, acting as class scribe
Big Learning Targets: 1.0 I can evaluate the extent to which industrialisation benefits societies by analysing evidence from a variety of sources
Supporting Learning Targets: 2.2 I can cite textual evidence to support my ideas
Purpose: To improve our journalising pieces.

  • Do now
  • Pre writing: mindmap, outline, evidence
  • Drafting
Do Now
Nic, Verdi, and Arthur looking for evidence

Today's do now was talking about the purpose in writing the articles and forwards about the Triangle Fire. The first question was, in one sentence, what do you want your reader to know about why this factory was significant? Then you had to go to the document called Outline of RAFT - first name last name and your Mind map. Take out some time to organize your writing into an outline that includes the features we decided to include. We took some time to share with our partners what we had written on the do now. On the do now,  wrote 5 things that you needed to find evidence of:
  1. examples of owners not carrying about safety
  2. examples of bad working conditions
  3. examples of how women's rights were fought for
  4. examples of ways the labour unions affected the owners and factories
  5. examples of how workers reacted to the fire
  6. examples of how fire changed history and society
Before we started the pre writing, we looked for important readings that would help with the writing of the articles and forwards of the Triangle Factory.

Pre Writing

Now we started looking for evidence that would help visualize the articles and forwards. Once we did that, we started brainstorming ideas for the articles and forwards we are going to write.  Everyone was working hard when we were looking for evidence.
Dominik, working on his writing


Once we finished brainstorming our ideas, we began drafting the articles and forwards. 

Home work:
Read chapters 23-25 and fill out the double entry journal.

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