Thursday, March 12, 2015

Class-Scribe 3/12/15


  • Do-Now
  • Pre-Writing
  • Mind Map
  • Outline
  • Evidence 
  • Drafting

Big learning target 1.0: I can evaluate the extant in which industrialization benefits societies
by analyzing from a variety of sources.
Supporting learning target 2.2: I can cite textual evidence to support my ideas.

First we started like any other day with the do-now. On the do-know we had to answer in one sentence why you want the reader to know the significance of the  triangle shirtwaist factory fire. Then we had some time to organize our writing. The once we finished that we went over it as a whole class.

Next we had to go back in to our folder and find anything that could be evidence for our writing. Once we found some evidence we went over all of them as a class. 

Jae and Lucas working to find evidence.
Next we had to look for evidence and added it to our mind-map and draft. Then we had a while to work on this and try to find some evidence. After around 20 minutes we checked in with a partner.

When we checked in with partners I heard a lot of good discussions. I also heard some clarifying questions about people's evidence. Next we had the last little bit of class to add find evidence and add it in.

Our readings we can use for evidence.

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