Friday, March 13, 2015

Class Scribe 13/03/2015


- Do Now
- Lit Circle Quiz
- Lit Circle # 8
- Debrief
- Writing Time

  As usual, we started the Do Now, and then shared the answers with our partner and with our class.

  After sharing our answers, we took the Socrative quiz about, 'Boys without Names' and then we huddled within our groups and started doing the discussion.

  Later on, having a great discussion, they wrote the debrief on the back of the sheet of the Double Entry Journal sheet. After that, we talked with our partners about, 'If GC was telling the story, how would it be different?' After talking with our partners, we shared our thoughts with our class.

  After sharing with our class, we did this:

  After writing  a poem of Gray Cloud's perspective, we went home!! 

HW: The Homework is to finish the poem. (UP ABOVE!!)

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