Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sebastian Williams as Class Scribe

Feb. 10, 2015

  • Do now
  • Lit circle quiz #3
  • Lit circle #3
  • Debrief
  • Poem #2
  • Cartoonify your tableaux + statement
Sofi and Isaac discussing the do now
Do now
     First we started our do now.  After the quick check, we analyzed the skyscraper poem. Ms. V also came around to check off our lit circle homework that was due today. Everybody did well discussing the do know. We finished this section of the agenda by highlighting our poetic tool, underlined repetition and boxing strong verbs in the skyscraper poem.
 After that, we did our lit circle quiz on the Socrative site. Socrative. Everybody did a great job. After all of us answered the three questions, we began our lit circle discussion. 
Julia and Jae working on lit circle quiz #3

    Before we commenced the discussion we wrote down our goals for it. Then we began our lit circle. The observers were: Jae, Gulia, and I. Everybody did an amazing job. After, we self assessed our selves. The observers, though, assessed their group and debriefed.
Sofi and Lupe discussing the book
              We then started our poem 2. We got the layout for it and looked at it with a partner. For our second poem we have to describe an object in a poem using; strong verbs, 5 senses and juxtaposition. First you need to, Brainstorm (you can use popplet), then you plan, draft and finally revise.
              Before we started, though, we fixed our mistakes on our first poem. Then you make a new doc. called Poem 2 - (first name, last name).
Poem 2 layout

Read chapter 9 of Boys without names

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