Monday, February 9, 2015

Class Scribe February 9 2015

- Do Now
- Boys Without Names
- Skyscraper
- Debrief
- Poem #2

Big Learning Targets:
I can write a poem in which I make effective choices based in my audience, purpose and message

Supporting Learning Targets:
I can juxtapose symbolic imagery in my writing
I can use strong verbs to enhance my description 

Guiding Question:
Whats is good Poetry?

Become risk taking, motivating, playful poets

Boys without Names chapters 7-8
Like normal we started out class with the Do Now. The Do Now was about Alliteration, Nonsense words and Juxtaposition. There were 7 questions on the Do Now.  Ms. Vallillo told the class to open a document called Poetry Toolbox. The document is used to record the sound devices in Poetry. Last week we learned about juxtaposition, a photo that has one kid holding a rife and a kid next to him with a dodgeball.  This is a example of juxtaposition. Then you go filling the other squares with the information we learned.  

Now the class moved on to Boys Without Names  Ms. Vallillo gave them ten minutes to read the book.

When Ms. Vallillo stopped them, she moved on the Skyscraper. She asked the class the two questions on the photo and then the class turned to their partners and talked. After she asked the class to turn the Do Now over. Then she gave a poem called SKYSCRAPER by: Carl Sandburg. Then she thought them something called sketch noting. Underline lightly the words you don't know. After the time Ms. Vallillo gave to the class she asked the class to re-read the poem with a partner. 

Takuma's sketch noteing

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