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Class Scribe: Feb. 10th, 2015

posted by Cata, acting as class scribe

  • Do Now
  • Lit Circle Quiz #3
  • Lit Circle #3
  • Debrief
  • Poem #2
Big Learning Target 3.0:
- I can write a poem in which I make effective choices based on my audience, purpose, and message.

Supporting Learning Targets 3.0:
- I can juxtapose symbolic imagery in my writing.
- I can use strong verbs to enhance my description.

Do Now:
Take the poem Skyscraper and do a third reading of it. This time, notice what poetry tools the author is using. Analyse...
1. Strong verbs that clearly describe something. Instead of walk you might use a stronger verb such as amble, meander, wander, stumble, hurry, gallop. Circle place in the poem where Carl Sandburg uses strong verbs.
2. Highlight and annotate moments you see the following poetic tools. Create a key with different colours and symbols you are using to mark up your poem. 
        a. Alliteration
Nic and Gabe working on their quiz
        b. Onomatopeia
        c. Nonsense Words
        d. Rhyme
        e. Repetition
3. What are moments in the text where Carl Sandburg juxtaposes two unlike things? Cite evidence from the text. Why does he do this? What effect does it have? 

Lit Circle Quiz #3:
Everyone took out their computers and filled out the Socrative quiz. Nic and Gabe, good job on staying on topic and quiet while we are doing the quiz.

Isa, Balti, and Matt in their lit circle
Lit Circle #3:
Today I observed Isa, Balti, Matt, and Verdi's group. Overall, every group did a good job in using evidence from the book. Our homework due today was to read chapters 7-8 and fill out the double-entry journal. If we want to improve as a class, everyone has to bring their book to the lit circle and chip in with information.

Now everyone took their time to write down the score they think their group got today, why, and how they can improve. Right after, we organised our 

Poem #2:
working on the poems
Now we began creating a new poem in which the topic was about an object Ms. V highlighted in your previous poem. We kept on working until the end of class.

There is no homework, but if you want to read ahead, chapter 9 with the double entry journal is due Friday.

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