Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Roses are red, violets are blue, Dominik writes poetry, and so will you.

Poetry is perhaps one of the greatest forms of oral expression there is. However the definition is so vast that it occupies most of verbal expression. -Dominik Acting as Class scribe.

BIG Learning Targets:
3.0: I can write a poem in which I make effective choices based on my audience, purpose, and message.

From what I can tell is Class 4's perspective on poetry is bi-polar. Many of us see poetry as the perfect opportunity to say freely express our opinions. Others fear embarrasing themselves through the endless abyss of freedom.

Our Do Now encouraged us to use "Strong Verbs" and stray fromm using adjectives and adverbs. My classmates replaced the well-used verbs, with the help of the ThesaurusOnline, in an accurately poetic depiction of our lethargic classmate(JK Balti, we love ya). Ms. Vallillo explained the impact of using verbs instead of verbs. Quietly the class went over our descriptions of their ideas of the most gorgeous, stunning places that may escape human possibility. And the most digusting, lowest, unpleasent places that we may concieve. Our use of verbs improved our descriptions tenfold.

I'm bored. There is a break in the action. Writer's block.
Ugh. That's not a good picture
Ok, we're back
We discuss how we are able to improve our descriptions of places through word choice. However everyone is mumbling and I am unable to cite parts of their conversation.
We were given a sheet of wordlplay strategies such as alliteration and assonance(haha). We discovered how alliteration with brand names to rope customers in. I was excited when we pulled out my favorite poem of my favortie childrens' author to analyze my second favorite quality of him. Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax". Second to political commentary, Dr. Seuss' utilization of so many diversed devices deprive me of depression(ha, alliteration).
CC license

In the first stanza Seuss already uses alliteration to describe the environment of the present. Raj and Tarik analyze the alliteration of "The Lifted Lorax". Gabe and group heavily analyzed rhyme. They were recognized for good discussion. They also killed two birds with one stone by analyzing a made-up word and alliteration with "miff-muffered moof".
Baltasar's brother gave an amazing view of poetry. He said, "To me it's the mentioning of things that get mentioned nowhere else. It fills in the gaps. Traces thoughts that seem inconsequential and gathers the deepest meaning from them. Reading poetry is like reading between the lines of ordinary existence. It's a contemplation; a form of meditation. It recognizes the need for something deep and spiritual in the human experience in a space that needs not be religious or dogmatic." I now have the upmost respect for Baltasar's brother.

On that note I need to go write a poem with this inspiration. I am sorry for cutting this short but poetry is fun.

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