Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Lupe acting as class scribe                                Febuary 3, 2015                            Day A

  • Do Now : Poem Brainstorm
  • Peer check-in
  • Word play and Dr Seuss
  • Poetry Writing Time
  • Debrief
  • Reading time: Boys without names
Big Learning target
     3.0 I can write a poem in which I make effective choices based on my audience, purpose, and message.

     Finish the peom if you haven't

            Today we started by going back to our homework  and tried to add verbs into it to make it easyer to understand our popplet. Popplet wasn't really working so we had troubles correcting and adding information. When everybody was relativly done, Ms.V made us show our partners what we hadput and how we had described the places.
Sheet Ms. V gave us.
            Later, Ms. V gave us this paper that showed us how sound devices affectt poetry. This paper showed us what sound devises there were, rhyme,alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, and non-sence words. Then, we took the Dr. Seuss poem and with the paper, we started to see were Dr. Suess put these sound devices. We did this for about 5 min and then Ms. V called us to share what we saw. We ended up highliting most of the page because Dr. Suess uses sound divices a lot. An example is that he uses non-sence words like "grikle" or "gruvvulous" or "whisper-ma-phone". To end this activity we discussed about how the sound devices make it fun and interesting to read and learn.
When we finished with the Dr.Suess poem, we all went back to our computers and started to do a draft with the info we had in our popplet. Interent was back  so everybody was right on track and starting there poems. This poem, has to have to be 15  lines long, no more no less, and it has to be about places, pretty and ugly. Because they were going to be about beautiful and ugly places, we had to make sure that we knew what we were talking about so some people started doing some reasearch about the places they were going to talk about. Befor most of us had a chance to finish, it was already time to go home.

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