Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Poetry_ Class Scribe

Agenda :                           By: Giullia Saraiva

  • Do Now
  • Peer Check-in
  • Mystery Piece
  • Image Analysis
  • Close Reading #2
  • Debrief
  • Boys w/out Names

BIG Learning Targets :
 1.0 - I can evaluate the extent to which
 industrialization benefits societies by analyzing
 evidence from a variety of sources.

Supporting Leaning Targets :
   1.2 - I can compare and contrast pre-industrial
 and post-industrial societies.

           After we did our Do Now we turned to our partners and discussed the question 1, 2, and 4.
When I was walking around the room I heard some great conversations from Rachel's group, Lara's group and some great focusing and working between Victoria and Nina.  We got out poems and made some comments on our poems thinking about two questions, : Where did you make a choice , Where did you take a risk. 

         We went over the risks and choices that our partners took. I really wanted to mention a HUGE risk that my partner Vicky (Victoria M) took because she completely changed the topic. She was talking about beautiful places then in one sentence she changes the whole topic and I really really wanted to mention that.

We looked at two images and in our image analysis sheet we wrote down what we saw and what we think it meant. In my perspective the first image looks like a tribe of indians settled in some place for a period of time, (pre-industrialization). The second image to me means (post-industrial).

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