Thursday, February 5, 2015

Class Scribe

Agenda:                     Date : February 5,2015           Class Scribe of the Day: Felipe V

  • Do Now
  • Image Analysis
  • Close Read pt2
  • Boys without Names 
  • Debrief

          Today as usual we started off with the do now. The do now today was asking about 4 questions, the 1st one was "In your own words, what is Juxtaposition?". The 2nd one was
''Why would writers use Juxtaposition? ". The 3rd one was "Take out your copy of the Lorax. What are two places Dr.Seuss Juxtaposition in The Lorax?".  The 4th one was "Why do you think Dr.Seuss uses Juxtaposition in The Lorax?( HINT: Think about how the poem would be different if he didn't use Juxtaposition only talked about one place. How might this change your understanding of the poem's meaning? ) ". That was todays Do Now.
The 4 Pics
Juxtaposition: The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.
   After the Do Now, we started the image analysis. The image analysis was a chart that we have 4 pictures that we have to Analyse and fill up the information on the paper at the left.

   After the Image Analysis we went off to discuss our HW that was the Close Reading pt2 + Gisting .

After Ms.V told us to open up our computer
 and open up a new doc that was the Close  Reading Note-catcher .  Also, she gave us time to fill it in so that your share your information with another group. You were supposed to only fill up your section of the reading or A or B.  The Picture at the left is a picture of the class working super hard on sharing their Close Reading information. The picture at the right is Andre, Arthur and Nick sharing information from their close reading section that they read. After Doing that the class filled in a post-it note that explains the difference between your thinking of industrialisation now and then.

  After every thing Ms.V gave us some free reading time dedicated to read Boys Without Names.  The picture below is Takuma very concentrated on his reading.

HW: Today the HW is to Finish the reading Boy Without names between  Ch 4-6  + finish your double entry journal  to share with your Lit circle group and prepare for the Lit Circle Quiz.

Class Scribe of the Day: Felipe V

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