Thursday, February 5, 2015

First Class Scribe of 2015!! 05/02/2015


- Do Now
- Image Analysis
- Boys without Names
- Close Read pt 2
- Debrief

  For the Do Now as usually, we answered questions and learned about Juxtaposition. You had to write what Juxtaposition in your own words and you had to answer, 'Why would writers use juxtaposition?' After that we took out our The Lorax poem and answered 2 questions. 
  After the Do Now, we started the image analysis and we had to answer some pictures on the back of the Do now. The pictures were:


  After the image analysis with the partners, we shared our opinions with the class and wrote some informations that one of your classmates said but you didn't notice it.

Sharing opinions with our class!!

  After sharing our informations, we took out our Pre-Industrial Society and shared what we wrote about gists and shared a part of the text that caught our attention..

  After that, we opened up our precious computer and opened a new document called Close Reading - Pre-Industrial Society. In that document we answered 5 questions related to the text Pre-Industrial Society. We had few minutes to answer those 5 important question.

Working really hard!!

    After the hard working, we talked about industrialization. Felipe Dias and Sofi gave us a huge laugh! :):):).

  HW: Read Boys without Names chapter 4 ~ 6. Also finish your Double Entry Journal sheet. Bye!!


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