Friday, February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015

- Do Now
- Lit Circle Quiz #2
- Lit Circle #2
- Debrief
- Tableaux

Big Learning Targets:
1.0: I can evaluate the extent to which industrialization benefits societies by analyzing evidence from a variety of sources.

Supporting Learning Targets:
1.2: I can compare and contrast pre-industrial and post-industrial societies.
No Homework!

Guiding Questions:
What is poetry?

No homework today.

Due Today:
Boys without Names chapters 4-6 and Double-Entry Journal.

    As always we started out class with our Do Now. This Do Now was about Dr. Suess and his poem 'The Lorax', and comparing that to pre and post industrialization. It was focusing on his possible portrayal of a pre-industrial society. We had a deep conversation about that topic. That led to us pulling short quotes out of 'The Lorax', and then justifying those on a sticky note.

   We then moved on to our Lit circle quiz on socrative. It was an easy (if you
read the chapters) 3 question quiz. We then discussed what to do in the a lit. circle. We talked about how to evaluate other people in a lit. circle discussion, which, we will start doing. A shout out to Lupe for explaining why this is so important.
  Of course, we then moved on to our actual discussions, with our 'advisors' watching us. We then got to hear the feedback for our group. We then
  We then had to go back to our seats in 3, 2, 1, and in the process, Ms. Vallillo forgot Isaacs name, and then remembered.
 After that, we evaluated ourselves on our lit. circle discussion. That counted as our debrief.

Let them Tableaux! A Tableaux (ta- BLOW) is a frozen picture using people. We were assigned a word to make a Tableaux with our partners. All the words were somehow related to what we were learning about.

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